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Jurriaan Ruys

Founder, CEO
As CEO, Jurriaan sets out company strategy and direction, oversees operations and steers the Land Life team and projects across the world. Previously, Jurriaan was an engineer at Shell, Partner at McKinsey & Company and COO at Eneco (sustainable energy company).

Eduard Zanen

Eduard advises Land Life Company on strategy and product development. In addition to his activities for Land Life Company, he is the co-founder and co-CEO of Bugaboo International which produces innovative mobility products.

Arnout Asjes

Chief Technology Officer
Arnout leads the development and implemenetation of technology for restoration projects in all markets. He holds his ISA Certification as a certified arborist. Previously, Arnout was manager at VNU/ Nielsen and Ebbinge & Company and Founder of Swinxs Inc.

Rebekah Braswell

Chief Commercial Officer
Rebekah leads Land Life's commercial activities globally. Previously, Rebekah worked at Monitor Group in Dubai. She worked on agriculture chain valuation and food security issues across the Middle East and Africa.

Willemijn Stoffels

Chief Operations Officer
Willemijn is in charge of Land Life's supply chain and project implementation globally. Prior to joining Land Life Company, Willemijn completed part of her degree in Mexico and worked at McKinsey & Company.

Charlotte Jongejan

Head of Marketing & Communications
Charlotte shapes and develops communication about our projects and impact worldwide and is the main contact for press and media. Charlotte worked as a freelance writer and for advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy.

Harrie Lövenstein

Head of Research & Development
Harrie leads product development of the Cocoon technology. He has an extensive academic background in arid land agriculture and is part of the team developing distant learning courses on Global Food Security at Wageningen University.

Roberto Arias

Managing Director Mexico
Roberto leads Land Life Company in Mexico translating global company strategy and executing it in the region. Prior to joining Land Life Company, Roberto worked in business consulting where he was a Partner at Accenture, Deloitte and KurtSalmon Associates.

Lesley Short

Sales Manager USA
Lesley works in sales and operations for Land Life Company in the US, and is based in California. Prior to joining Land Life Company, Lesley worked for NIntendo where she led sales and day-to-day operations for two of their top US accounts.

Sander Keulen

Head of Business Development
Sander leads Land Life's commercial activities globally. Having come from an entrepreneurial and management consulting background, he holds a MBA from Cornell University & a MSc from the University of Technology of Delft.

James Liu

Business Developer, China and New Business Models
James leads business activities in China and optimises Land Life projects' carbon, water and other environmental benefits. Previously, James worked at the emissions trading desk of Statkraft, focusing on offset mechanisms and the Chinese carbon market.

Andrew Whyte

Business Development USA
Andrew develops business for Land Life Company in the USA. Previously, Andrew launched a tech startup in Tel Aviv, worked on both the buy-side and sell-side of Wall St, and volunteered on small family farms across Europe. He holds a B.S. in Finance & International Business from NYU Stern.

Christian Pérez

Business Developer Chile
Christian is our business developer on the ground in Chile. He previously worked in consulting for 10 years where he was a Partner at MASISA, Mitsubishi Paper Mills and The Nature Conservancy.

Ray Steele

Communications Manager
Ray joins the Land Life Company communications team with a background in creative direction and design, both as an entrepreneur and within multiple startups in the Netherlands.

Octavio Lopez

Business Development, Mexico
Octavio develops business for Land Life Company in Mexico. Previously, Octavio led several reforestation efforts and managed organic growing and export agricultural programs.

Artemio Montesinos

Business Developer Mexico
Artemio is our Business Developer in Mexico and he is also in charge of Operations. He holds a degree in Environmental Sciences and a MSc in Sustainable Management and Eco Innovation.

Roché Boedhoe

Product Engineer
Roché Boedhoe works as a freelance product designer. He holds a degree in Industrial Design Engineering and a Master’s degree in Strategic Product Design from Delft University. He advises on product design and construction to bring ideas to life.

Gautham Ramachandra

Restoration Ecologist
Gautham is part of the technical team and helps with the scientific design and implementation of our projects. He has previously worked on conservation projects in the tropics and has a Masters degree in nature conservation from Wageningen university.

Tom Janmaat

Data Scientist
Being part of the technical team, Tom is responsible for the storage and analysis of information on the trees. He has a degree in Mathematics and Physics from Utrecht  University. 

Partners and Experts

Franz Jaeger, Fasergusswerk

Franz is the General Manager of FGW Fasergusswerk, one of the leading molded fiber producers in Europe, developing and producing custom made pulp products for high and specific demands. The eco-friendly products are biodegradable, compostable and made from recycled waste paper.

Pius Floris

Pius Floris is a renowned Dutch soil and root biology specialist. He is the former CEO of Pius Floris Tree Care (estbl. 1981), the leading tree care company in Europe ( and current CEO of Plant Health Cure ( - a leading consultancy organization in soil life organisms with a clear focus on the Rhizosphere, as well as producing mycorrhizal spores, rhizobacteria and other natural soil organisms and products.
supports farmers, foresters and plant growers to sustainably produce healthy plants which use less water, fertilizers and pesticides. The company is active in 23 countries and based in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands.


Jurriaan Ruys

Founder, CEO

Eduard Zanen


Investors / Advisory Board

Alan Chan

Daan Laméris

Jeremy Oppenheim

Martin Stuchtey

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and country offices

Is there a local distributor near me?

We have local teams in the USA, Tunesia, China, Mexico and Italy. You can contact them at the following addresses:


Lesley Short


Robert Devine


Ingrid van Osch


Roberto Arias


Antonella Totaro
How do you ship?

The Cocoons are shipped in smaller numbers per box (max 20), per pallet (310 Cocoons) or 20ft (3100 Cocoons) and 40ft (7260 Cocoons) containers, exact shipping costs need to be requested with the shipping vendor dependent on volume and exact location. We ship from our production facility in Germany or local hubs to all locations around the world. Please note, this can be expensive and take some time especially for more remote locations. Right now we are a small company working hard on having local production hubs in many more countries to bring down logistical input and costs.

I’m from India, can I buy Cocoons from you?

Currently we don’t have a local distributor in India, although we are aware this region is in need of nature restoration and could benefit greatly from a technology like the Cocoon. It is possible to order Cocoons(minimum 8 Cocoons) and we can ship these to you.

Purchasing the Cocoon

Where can I buy the Cocoon?

The Cocoon is mostly sold for large-scale nature restoration projects and shipped from our production facility here in Europe. If you are interested in purchasing the Cocoon for your own restoration project, please email or your local distributor with some more detailed information about your restoration needs. Make sure to tell us about your location climate, soil type, tree species and the number of Cocoons you need so we can help you further.

What is the price of the Cocoon?

The Cocoon costs 9 USD or 8 Euro with a minimum order of 24 in the US and 10 to all other countries. We can include Mycorrhiza tablets (organic fertilisers consisting of live fungi to stimulate root growth) at 0,50 euro each. Shipping costs are not included in the price.

How does the Cocoon work?

What tree species can I plant with the Cocoon?

We always work with partners and clients to determine the ideal tree species for your climate and soil type. Generally, you can plant native species with the Cocoon, and try to find trees that quickly deep-root in search of sub-surface soil moisture.

Where can I plant the Cocoon?

The Cocoon is developed specifically to help trees grow in degraded and arid soils. We can’t reclaim deserts that have been deserts since the dawn of time, such as the Sahara. But we can, and we must, stop desertification of once fertile lands. We have to bring back what was once green or we won’t be able to feed and house animals and make human life sustainable in the future.

Is the Cocoon patented?

The Cocoon is a patented design and although it indeed looks very simple, we like to call it ‘’low-tech high-tech”. In fact, the exact design of the Cocoon has been refined over the last 3 years by our Research and Development team in collaboration with our production partners and is specially crafted to hold the water supply for the first critical months, gradually drip feed water to the tree’s roots and fully degrade as the tree becomes independent.

About Land Life Company

Can I donate or get involved in tree planting?

Land Life Company is not a charity or NGO, we are a social enterprise that aims to become a healthy and innovative company as we grow from start-up to scale-up. You can, of course, purchase our Cocoon planting technology for your own restoration project and please share our work with friends and family via our social media channels.
If you want to get involved in planting trees in your community, get in touch with your local WWF office or one of the following volunteer-based environmental organizations;
Earth Day (global)
Tree People (USA)
Arbor Day Foundation (USA)
SayTrees (India)
Greening Australia

Land Life Company
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