Land Life Company’s ‘Green Refugee Camp’ Project Gets the Go Ahead

February, 2017

Land Life Company is very excited to announce that we have been awarded €2.4million to pursue the ‘Green Refugee Camp’ concept alongside the UNHCR at this year's Postcode Lottery Good Geld Gala. Starting in the Minawao camp in northwestern Cameroon, the project will innovate on and improve the sustainability of core functions of the UNHCR, such as the provision of food and shelter, and how it addresses the long-term impact of refugees on a host community.

Land Life specifically will be planting 40,000 trees with the Cocoon, including fruit and nut yielding species, revitalizing 200 hectares, an area larger than the Principality of Monaco! We will also be establishing tree nurseries aimed at ensuring lasting and sustainable tree planting solutions.

Planting Cocoons with Americorps in the Santa Monica Mountains

January, 2017

Our collaboration with the Calabasas-based AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps restoring land in the Santa Monica Mountains was highlighted in an article in The Acorn this week.

“We’ve been able to achieve significant increases in survivability of tree seedlings in arid, harsh environments, as well as the elimination of artificial irrigation for these areas,” Land Life regional director Malcolm McVay said. “We are fortunate to work with inspiring partners throughout the world to make an impact on our environment and communities.”

Americorps is planting Cocoon seedlings in an area of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area—Rancho Sierra Vista in Newbury Park—and in future we hope to work with them to replace thousands more trees destroyed in wildfires during the current drought or in other areas where natural vegetation has been lost.

Kickoff EU Green Link Project

October, 2016
First stop for the Green Link, the Alicante mountain range in Spain

This October, we kicked off The Green Link project, in collaboration with Volterra and local agencies and powered by the European Union. This exciting project will help restore desertified areas across the Mediterranean border in Greece, Spain and Italy where we will plant more than 25.000 trees with the Cocoon. The goal is to reduce the vulnerability of these ecosystems to the effects of climate change.

New Territories: Perú and Chile

September, 2016
There are only 1000 Peruvian Plantcutters left in the wild, male (l) and female (r)

This Summer we have kicked off exciting and diverse projects in 2 more countries in Latin America; in the mountains of Perú and in two locations in Chile.

In Perú we are working with the ‘SOS Peruvian Plantcutter’ foundation to protect the habitat of only 1000 Peruvian Plantcutters left in the wild. The small, brightly coloured bird lives in the tropical dry forests in the north of Peru, nesting in the branches of the Algarrobo tree and feeding on the bushes that grow in its shade.

One of the challenges of this region is the lack of water, and poor soil conditions, which is where the Cocoon offered a sustainable and scalable solution. At the end of 2016 we will be planting the first Cocoon Algarrobo plantation in Piura, Perú.

In Chile we are working together with the Instituto Forestal to plant trees that will help combat the effects of climate change and desertification. The first Cocoon seedlings went in the ground this Summer and we look forward to restoring many more hectares of this beautiful country.

Fast Track to Innovation

July, 2016
The FTI kick off in Amsterdam with the full team; Land Life(NL), Fabergusswerk(DUI) and Volterra (ESP).

We are happy to announce that Land Life is kicking off an exciting project called Fast Track to Innovation with funding from the EU Horizon fund!

Together with our partner Fasergusswerk (Germany) and Volterra (Spain), we will be creating an even more sustainable and competitive Cocoon production line. Our new modular factory can be shipped around the globe to create local production hubs, making efficient use of locally available resources and reducing transportation of the Cocoon to a minimum.

Via the FTI Cocoon website we will be posting updates over the next 12 months.


June, 2016
Jurriaan Ruys was asked to particpate in the first edition of Moonshots, an inspirational panel evening about entrepeneurship, ambition, failure and building a company for a better future. Read more about this event as reported by here.
In May we officially kicked off the Monarch Butterfly Restoration Project in Michoacán, Mexico. Together with our partners from CONAFOR, CONAMP, WWF Mexico and the municipality of Zituacaro we held a press conference in Michoacán to launch this exciting project. Many reporters from Mexico city traveled out to attend and afterwards helped plant some Cocoon seedlings. Read articles in Once Notitias, Voz de Sociadad, Noticias Terra and Televisa here.

Cocoon part of the New Forest Project in Mexico

August, 2016

From left to right; Arturo Beltran, Deputy Director Conafor,Arturo Alvarado, Head of the community of Topilejo, Jorge Rescala Director de Conafor, Director of Conafor,Ninfa Salinas, Senator of Mexico, Rafael Pacchiano, Minister of the Environment, Ernesto Herrera, Director of Reforestamos Mexico, Alejandro Quintana, Director of National Development Reforestamos Mexico, Willemijn and Octavio - Land Life Company.

On August 14th Land Life was part of the Nuevo Bosque project in all 32 states of Mexico where we planted more than 200 hectares of degraded land with trees using the Cocoon. There were lots of famous friends there including the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Rafael Pacchiano CEO of Conafor Jorge Rescala , Senator Ninfa, TV Azteca’s CEO Benjamin Salinas, and 100.000 amazing volunteers across the country.

#UnNuevoBosque is the biggest reforestation project in Mexico’s history, so far 3 million native trees have been planted!

Land Life Company on Dutch National TV

April, 2016 Startup Prize 2016

January, 2016
At the Big Improvement Day in the Hague on January 19th, Land Life Company was awarded the Startup Prize 2016 for young companies dedicated to sustainable innovations that improve how we work and live on our planet. We see this award as a positive encouragement to keep growing our business while stimulating the dialogue around nature restoration.

Michoacán Press Conference

May, 2016

In May we officially launched the Project for the restoration of the Monarch Butterfly in Michoacán, Mexico. Together with our colleagues from CONAFOR, CONAMP, WWF Mexico and the municipality of Zitácuaro, we held a press conference in Michoacán to launch this exciting project. Many reporters and journalists from Mexico City traveled to participate, and then helped plant some Cocoon seedlings.

Monarch Butterfly Project

March, 2016
Monarch butterflies cover the trees, top to bottom
Land Life Company is proud to be collaborating with WWF and the Mexican Ministry of Forestry (Conafor) on a restoration project in the hills of Michoacán, Mexico. From the end of March 2016, we will replant 40.000 Oyamel trees with the Cocoon, making a substantial contribution to the survival of the unique Monarch butterfly species. We will keep you updated as this exciting project develops.

2015 Green Challenge Winner

September, 2015
It is with great excitement that we share that Land Life Company won this year's Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. This is the largest annual international sustainability innovation competition in the world. With our award, we will be implementing large scale restoration projects in California, Mexico and Spain - an area roughly the size of Central Park. We look forward to sharing more details in the months to come.